We will explore how a workday is organized differently responding to this work style change. This is a practical viewpoint to help organize analysis work across sprints and responding to stakeholder needs on the team. Analysis skills become more important to the agile team as well as collaboration. We still do all the same things, but with a different approach and viewpoint on the breadth of work. An organized, flexible critical thinking BA is still a key to agile team success.

    As organizations shift to an agile organization, the role of a Business Analyst has become confused and unclear. Is there a role? What would a business analyst do in an agile team? This presentation will offer a practical framework for what a business analyst would do in an 8 hour day to adapt to an agile environment. Understanding business process, data requirements, business rules, actors and external agents is vital to the success of an agile initiative. People are still involved and communication is required as is documentation.