As a business analyst how can I solve the problem of unclear scope? Using scope techniques such as the problem statement and context diagrams empower analysts to create order from chaos. In this presentation we will explore context, why it is important and how the business analyst can lead the charge to establish context for anything. We will practice problem statements and context diagramming in this interactive presentation. You will be a BA super hero when you clarify scope!

    Ask any business analyst a question and the likely response is ‘It depends’. It does always depend on who is involved, how often they are involved, what systems and data are involved and what the problem is. Most of what we deal with are not clear-cut or easy to understand. However, it is possible to create clarity even with the messiest complex situations. BAs can use context to set boundaries and create clarity for their teams. Unclear scope, or context, is perhaps the most common problem teams deal with.

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