Come learn how to add tools and techniques to your tool belt and approach diagramming and analyzing processes to develop a compass to lead you through the dark forest! We need to understand where we are to determine where we are going!

    Do you find yourself unable to navigate through the thick forest your project has become? Are you only able to see the tree closest to you? Are you stuck in the weeds deep in the details? Have you come across some skunks that cause time delays, fallen into the quick sand known as scope creep, or eaten encountered fire breathing dragon stakeholders? We need a survival guide to make it through the Dark Forest of Processes! Projects are like forests full of different kinds of trees with unique characteristics and intertwined branches, vines and roots. It’s essential to see each tree as well as the entire forest to navigate your path through from the beginning to the end. In order to understand what the problem really is we need to step back and start at a higher level. Start high and dive deeper in your navigation.