Heather has a few passions. She loves thinking about everything, sharing about everything, and proving that business analysts are much more than note takers and requirement writers!

    Heather aspires to change the world of business analysis one relationship at a time and lead through example. Heather is from Des Moines, Iowa. She is a stimulus for change as a mom, a business analyst consultant, a volunteer for IIBA® as Director, formally VP Chapters and a trainer for b2ttraining.

    For the past 17 + years, she has worked with a variety of teams to identify and solve problems. She has been fortunate to work through all the aspects of business analysis; there is no part of the RACI matrix she has not been responsible for!

    Heather has a BA in Accounting from Grand View College, an MBA from Drake University and is a CBAP® and a doctorate in the world of experience.


    • Leadership
      • Gap Analysis
      • Facilitation
      • Process Improvement
      • Process Documentation
      • Relationship Building
      • Change Manage

      I approach life with a smile and positive outlook. I see opportunities in problems and motivate by example. As a business analyst, I am a professional ‘thinker’. My expertise is the ability to think to understand the problem, see the user perspectives, and ask the tough questions. I can see the big picture and break down that complexity into simple components. I am an activator and get things started when that seems impossible. I am a passionate advocate for analysis and the value that it brings to organizations. I enable change through leadership and example. Life is a gift and I make the most of that gift everyday!