Three Ways Asking ‘What if’ Matters

The other day I heard a conversation between a mother and her young son. He asked her a series of questions starting with ‘What if’. After a few of these she responded with ‘What if we stopped with what ifs?’ As a mother, I understood her frustration and

Why Accountability is Beautiful

I just heard something beautiful “I am sorry I should have caught that!”  Someone on a conference call was admitting that there was a gap in their work, and they owned it! The three words ‘I am sorry’ are beautiful to me because they represent

2019 Business Analysis Predictions

What can you look forward to in 2019 for business analysis? I share my ideas with three other analysts in this episode of Mastering Business Analysis. Listen in to hear our ideas. What do you think? I would love to hear yours too! fffff

Mastering the Art of Feedback pod cast

I talk about feedback often. Feedback is a gift. Its a gift we need to  learn how to give and to receive. Check out my conversation with Dave Sobe on mastering the art of feedback in his latest podcast episode:

Are you Interested or committed?

Goals are dreams you write down. Have you heard that? There are dozens and dozens of articles and blogs about the differences between dreams and goals.  I’ve been thinking about the differences as I have seen some people achieve some remarkable things.  I remember when

Good Better Best Techniques

It’s good to know about techniques. It’s better to learn how to use techniques. It’s best to know how to apply them.  There are 50 techniques listed in the BABOK®. Each one can be applied differently to help you create a shared understanding, to structure

Why I can thank Disney for my Career

I love amusement parks. I especially love Disney amusement parks. I visit as often as I can. It’s my happy place! I transform into a kid ; playing, riding rides and giggling with all the other kids!  In fact, I can credit my love for

Power of Process to show you the work

Here’s a conversation I had recently about process with a project manager I adore working with. In this scene, the ‘PM’ is the project Manager and ‘Me’ is the Business Analyst. PM: ‘ I need to know what the work is for this project.’ ME: ‘I need