Three traits of Courageous Leaders

  Would teams be effective without leaders? This seems like a silly question. Every team has a leader! I would agree that every team has a role for a leader; however, not every team has a person fulfilling this role. Effective teams have shared purpose, a

3 Keys to Building Relationships with Stakeholders

  As a business analyst, it’s important to know how to diagram processes, data, rules, prototypes, etc. It’s important to understand technical and business language. It’s important to understand how to create concise, clear, and relevant documentation. All of these skills are important and essential to

2 ways you are giving away your BA power

  The idea of giving away your personal and professional power has been on my mind for months. I have seen this in many situations lately and I have been fascinated how people seem to lose their power. Even worse is when someone just gives up

The importance of being simple

  As a child of the 70's I remember when TV stations, stores, and banking were not accessible 24/7. Communication across area codes was expensive and rare. People wrote letters and relied on the postal service to hand deliver the letters. Life actually required a pause

Heather on Mastering Business Analysis Podcast

  A couple months ago I was thrilled to speak with Dave Saboe from Mastering Business Analysis in a podcast episode. We discussed my presentation BA Jedi Master Leadership Academy – Learn How to Lead with the BA Force. Thank you Dave for the great conversation. You