3 ways to differentiate yourself as a BA

What is differentiating about you as a BA? Is it your ability to create workflow diagrams? Is it your ability to clearly articulate a business requirement? What about your ability to manage difficult stakeholders? Perhaps it is your ability to work with unclear scope and

What does the BA Magic 8 Ball tell you?

  I love toys. I am a kid at heart. I am an adult that attends children’s movies, plays on swingsets, loves amusement parks and coloring books, all sans children. I have a magic 8 Ball on my desk and use it to bring joy and

Three phrases only BAs would understand

  I was recently teaching the B2T business analysis essentials course in Rhode Island. This is actually my third time here and each time I have loved listening to the language of Rhode Island. Yes, the language is English, however there are specific phrases that are

Solve the Business Analysis Jigsaw Puzzle

  I love jigsaw puzzles. This picture is a detailed look at a jigsaw puzzle I did New Year’s weekend. It was 1000 pieces and there were times I thought I couldn’t finish it, the pieces had to missing or they couldn’t possible fit. But they

3 Steps for a Change Journey

  The week between Christmas and New Year's is a unique time for several reasons. The hustle and bustle of Christmas preparations has culminated in a delightful celebration of gift-giving and receiving, food, family, fun and making memories. Many people take vacation to be at home

3 Ways Leaders Fail

  As a business analyst, I recognize that I am a very different person. I am hyper analytical, focused on facts, information, and thinking about things all the time. I see the big picture and dive into the details of a situation almost simultaneously. This represents

Gratitude is Power!

  It’s a fact that no one can make us do anything. We, as humans are free to choose. Always free to choose how we will react, respond, even feel. We choose to be angry, lonely, frightened, happy, or grateful. Gratitude is power and we can

Change is goodbye followed by hello

  Change is constant in our life. Is change bad? Is change good? This can be debated and conclusions reached on either side. I would indicate that change is neither good nor bad, it just is. Because change is something we will deal with hundreds of

3 Things to do When you are Surprised!

  There is nothing more certain than change in life. Change can be planned and well known or it can be a complete surprise. How we react to the instant surprise is an important skill. I am more of a planner person than I like to